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Case Study: Buy Wellness

A Better Way To Wellness


Buy Wellness is a producer-to-doorstep kitchen and body shop that sources and sells guilt-free products. You can compare it to an online farmers market. They work with some of the best product vendors in the world to bring organic, chemical-free, and fair trade foods and creams directly to the customer. 

Their lofty goal of becoming a large product vendor brings its fair share of challenges. With the number of products nearing three digits, it was important to create a catalog that made it easy to find products without making the experience overly complicated. Additionally, the company's geographically scattered team needed a platform that could be accessed by different members of the team in varying capacities. 


Finished Product

In order to accommodate the large product base and management hurdles, we created the Buy Wellness marketplace on the Shopify platform. Using an Out Of The Sandbox template and a few custom developments, we created a beautiful and collaborative online experience. 

Everything in the site is sectional, so replacing a feature, product, or announcement is easy - even for people without ecommerce experience. This means an intern can easily swap the main ad banner or add a new product. Furthermore, we added customer-focused features like a native blog and an easy-to-navigate product filter system. 

The end result is just as simple and easy as the products Buy Wellness sells.



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