Projects are like trails: no two are the same. Below are some of the incredible clients we’ve had the pleasure of partnering with to bring their visions to life.




Build the perfect web presence to enhance your unique positioning and attract your ideal audience. 

105 West Portfolio - Solid Oak, Inc

Solid Oak

Solid Oak is a boutique eCommerce business specializing DIY jewelry and crafts that appeal to novice crafters and experts alike.

105 West Portfolio - BuyWellness

Buy Wellness

Buy Wellness is a digital marketplace for guilt-free, consciously-produced cooking ingredients, foods, drinks, and body products.

105 West Portfolio - Welcoming City

Welcoming City

Welcoming City is a social enterprise based in Columbus, Ohio that helps refugees find jobs and employers find talent.

105 West Portfolio - Revive


Revive creates travel and personal growth experiences for ambitious adventurers who want to travel and work remotely.

105 West Portfolio - Emerge Career Designs

Emerge Career Designs

Emerge Career Designs works with clients to help them secure the job they want and make the process of getting there painless.


Nutrition by Manarino

Michele Manarino is a registered dietitian who takes a mindful approach to provide clients with lifestyle changes that enable long term success.

105 West Portfolio - Mud & Char

Mud and Char

Mud and Char is a charming neighborhood oasis near Chicago, Illinois for all things Caffeine and Fare.


Sum Nutrition

Sumner is a registered dietitian with a passion for teaching others how to improve their mental and physical health through food.



Logo. Color scheme. Fonts. Brand boards. Icons. Unify the components to take your brand to a distinctive level.

105 West Branding Portfolio - Sum Nutrition
105 West Branding Portfolio - Explore Before
105 West Branding Portfolio - Revive
105 West Branding Portfolio - Michelle Manarino
105 West Branding Portfolio - The Vintage Mule
105 West Branding Portfolio - 105 West