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Process & Pricing

As a business, you have a lot of options when it comes to choosing an agency. We strive to make our process clear and our pricing simple. Here is how we work and what we charge.


Our Process

We break our process into the three I’s: identify, implement, and incentivize. This is our general process for a full service client looking to go from zero to sales, but we are happy to help clients at any stage.


1. Identify

Before starting any venture, it’s critical to assess the landscape. In our case, we start every project with a full assessment of the client, the customer, and the industry. This means understanding the exact benefit our client brings to their customer, precisely who is that customer, and how is that customer being fulfilled currently. Using this research, we work with our client to create a brand strategy and a set of customer profiles.

We work closely with our clients throughout this identification process. By the end of this phase, we fully understand our client’s business and are personally comfortable enough to start working together. We also codify the results of this research into a product analysis and a brand guideline which can be used by the client to stay focused.


2. Implement

When the research is complete, we work with our client to develop a strategy to create their online assets. We start with the customer and work our way backwards - what does the customer need and how do we get it to them in a simple and beautiful way. Using the foundation we established in the last phase, we create wireframes to plan what a website and/or marketing plan should look like.

Once our teams are aligned on the vision of the digital layout, we get to work. Using user-friendly programs like Squarespace and Shopify, we build the client’s site from the ground up, making room for feedback at the completion of each page. As we lay down the digital bricks, we ensure that the entirety of our client’s digital ecosystem is on brand and user friendly. We also actively take into account the SEO strategy of the business and plug in the proper terms to make the site competitive on search engines. We expect our clients to provide the majority of assets (photos/videos) and content (words), but also have the resources to help populate the pages.

After the website build is completed, our client gets a chance to fully review our work and request any last minute changes. During this time, our team provides a training brief and personalized video tutorial so that our client can manage most website updates without pulling in a third party. Finally, we tie up all of the loose ends (transferring domains, connecting email accounts, integrating social media pages, creating content repositories, etc.) and voila! - our client has a usable website that stands out for the crowd.


3. Incentivize

Any successful business knows that having a website is only half the battle. Whether our client’s end goal is selling products, getting people to meet them, or gathering email addresses… conversions are an essential part of success.

Our team goes a step beyond building websites - we help our clients get people to their website and convert those visitors into longterm customers. We do this by creating effective photo and video advertisements and displaying them to targeted audiences using social media and search engine platforms. In simpler words: we make awesome ads and make sure thousands of people see them. We do this systematically - tracking every penny, testings audiences and ads against each other (AB testing), and building attractive landing pages and funnels.

We simultaneously build upon the organic capabilities of the business with social media and email campaigns, making sure that as advertising spending increases, so does overall ROI. The advantage being that our client sees a positive return from the start and never needs to go into the red to get customers.

Our Pricing

We strive to keep our pricing straightforward and reasonable. All of our projects are scoped and contracted as accurately as possible before initiation, so that you’re never surprised by any charges.


Personal & Ecommerce Sites

Each project includes:

Business and brand consultation to understand your goals

Detailed design of all content and product pages

Brand-consistent imagery, typography and colors

Research-backed Search Engine Optimization

Social media, Google Analytics, and email integration

Custom URL (Domain Name) and custom email account

Ready-to-go blog platform, if needed

All-encompassing tutorial of how to manage your site

Three rounds of revisions and one month of support

Approximate Investment*:

Personal websites start at $1800
Ecommerce websites start at $2250

Marketing & Media Design

Areas of expertise:

Lifestyle, stock and product photography

End-to-end video production

Social media management

Paid advertising (Facebook/Instagram/Pinterest ads)

Search Engine Optimization and Google PPC

Email campaign design and management

Graphic design (icons, logos, digital media, etc.)

Print design (business card, flyers, posters, etc.)

General digital project management

Approximate Investment*:

Current rate: $90/hour
Retainers start at $1200/month


*Please note: the scope of our services depends on a variety of factors, so the prices on this page serve as guidelines. Each project is evaluated in detail and scoped accordingly before a contract is signed.

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