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Solid Oak

Embracing Creativity

Solid Oak has been selling wholesale DIY crafts and jewelry for a long time, and they’re good at it. What they lacked, however, was a platform to sell directly to consumers. They had (and still have) a conrete business foundation and a lot of very well-designed products and they knew that selling directly to people would give them much higher margins and more room for connecting with their customers.

We strategized with their team to figure out exactly what they were looking for in a B2C platform. They have a small team with a lot of tasks, so they needed something simple to operate, but something that can handle over 400 products while still being flexible in terms of third party extensions and design configurations. In other words, they needed something easy, but powerful. So, we settled on building a Shopify storefront with a few extra apps and a dash of custom code.


Here’s a quick preview of a collection page and a product page on the live site:


The hard work started after we released the site, however. Having an e-Commerce shop is one thing… getting people to notice it and buy products is another. Solid Oak extended their partnership with the 105 West team and hired us to run a marketing campaign to drive people to their site. Within six months and a budget of $40k, we were able to create almost $100k in B2C revenue while growing Solid Oak’s social platforms by more than 5,000 followers and develop an email list with over 3,000 opt-ins. 


The majority of the success was driven using Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Google ad campaigns. Our team created advertisements (both video and photo) and tested them across different audiences to narrow down the most effective demographic and content. Below is an example of a video we created and launched. As Solid Oak’s ad campaigns continue (and as their popularity grows), their analytics become stronger and their audience more exact.

Here’s one of the videos we used for their paid ads:


Solid Oak is still growing and expanding their product base with 105 West as a supportive agency. Be sure to check out their site and their products.


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